UV Tooth Brush Sanitizer

Protect your toothbrush from bacterial growth and infections with a mini UV Toothbrush Sanitizer case. Take it with you anywhere you go.


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• 99.9% STERILIZATION RATE: Toothbrush is kept clean at all times with a 99.9% sterilization rate to avoid bacterial growth. The case has a detachable inner box which can be taken out for rinsing.
• EFFICIENT DESIGN: After putting the toothbrush in the box and closing the lid, the UV-C lamp will work for 5 minutes before being automatically cut off. Water on the toothbrush will be retained through the holes on the bottom to keep the toothbrush dry.
• RECHARGE: Fast recharge via built in USB port. 1.5 hours of charging helps it to last around 12 days.
• TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Small size and half weight, the case is half the size of your hand. It’s suitable to carry for business trips, camping, holiday travel, and is also suitable for home or office use.
• SUITABLE FOR ALL TOOTHBRUSH HEAD: The case is suitable for both electric and manual toothbrush head of all sizes. Only one toothbrush can be kept in the case to eliminate cross infection between toothbrushes.