Emergency Phone Charger Keychain

Keep your cell phone charge to its max battery at all times with Power Pod phone charger keychain. It’s small, durable and easy to carry.


• PORTABLE DESIGN: No need to carry around bulky battery packs and heavy power banks anymore. This portable phone charger is lightweight, small, has a durable rubbersized cover and fits right into your keychain, purse, backpack or briefcase. Also compatible with Apple devices.

• RECHARGE AND REUSE: Never let your phone run out of charge again. The Powerpod phone charger is compatible with cell phones without any messy cables. You can charge the phone charger via a USB port to reuse the device again and again.

• USE ANYWHERE: The portable phone charger can be used anywhere. Don’t let an emergency situation stop you from making calls and texts because of low phone battery. Use the Power Pod charger to always keep your cell phone working.


• Portable Key Chain Design
• 1300mAh Capacity
• Lightning Connector
• Built to Charge Your Phone or Tablet
• Rubberized Device Cover
• Micro-USB Charging Port